The best escort services in Mexico

Mexico is a fashionable touristic destination, which gets even more famous every year. It is regularly visited by those who are fond of mountaineering, cozy beaches nearby the warm sea, local cuisine exploration, history and architecture – here all kinds of vacationers will find the entertainment they are after. But the most plentiful stream of travelers, rushing in Mexico in hundreds of thousands annually, is the erotic fun-seekers. The legal status of Mexican prostitutes contributes to the high level popularity of the local intimate industry with the tourists. It’s been several years now that anybody can order a night butterfly for experiencing unforgettable sexual adventures without fear of being found out by the officers of law and order.

The cities with a well-developed erotic segment

There is a special category of call girls in Mexico – professional escorts. Only real beauties with model-type looks and good manners are selected to work there. According to the analysts from the popular portal the best elite class prostitutes can be encountered in the following resort places:

  1. Mexico City. It goes without saying that in the capital the intimate industry develops more actively than wherever, because Mexico City is an industrial, business and touristic center of the country. Here one can find the greatest choice of professional escort agencies and VIP prostitutes, which offer their services via the internet. Such a variety is caused by the huge flow of well-off men, as well as the high society representatives, rushing here to rest and have fun from all the country and from all over the world. That’s why the escort girls have enough clients to work with. But it should be noted that the prices for those elite category intimate favors in Mexico City are the highest. An attractive professional from a prestigious agency will charge her client within 400-500 dollars per hour.
  2. Acapulco. White beaches by the warm sea in Acapulco have been sung in many poems and songs, but the local sex professionals are equally worth the adoration. The VIP category in the city is represented by 2-3 agencies and a few intermediate quality bordellos, the escorts themselves thought, are not in the least worse than those in the capital. But their prices are notably more affordable, and an exquisite cutie will cost you 300-350 dollars per hour of entertainment.
  3. Tijuana. People come to Tijuana to feel the Mexican atmosphere, enjoy the local cuisine, appreciate the authentic tequila, and walk in the virginal forests. But one can also find here the best Tijuana escorts girls, whose skills are well-known to all the experienced sex-tourists. It’s not only in agencies or elite restaurants that one can find a cool professional, but also at specialized internet platforms. The cuties represented on the web will charge around 200-250 US dollars for their sexual favors, whereas an escort girl found through an agency will cost on average 50-100 dollars more.
    Excellent prostitutes also work in Cancun, Puebla de Zaragoza, Villahermosa and Puerto Vallarta. But small resort towns are sure to offer you a few beautiful call girls, capable of sweetening the leisure of a bored man, too.

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